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Product Presentation & Sales System

Centralised Data

No more fragmented product data. Centralised, easily accessible, and helpful for everyone.

QR Fingerprint

Our system automatically generates a QR code that links to the product from within all other channels and acts like a fingerprint.

WebAR & eCom

Automatically created 3D assets display products using augmented reality via websites & smartphones.

Product Library

Ideal for generating new business, like a virtual tradeshow, all available products are included in a searchable branded library.

Tap to Tile App

One super smart augmented reality mobile app for all global ceramic tile manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

Estimate App

Next level mixed reality mobile app, measure your space, create a VR room, and select products. Generate estimates.

QuickView Sample

QuickView Sample

One thing that COVID has taught us is that customers sometimes can’t visit. So transform product sampling with our product-linked QR codes, microsite WebAR, or QR-activated Tap-to-Tile app.


QuickView Tap-to-Tile

The app detects the floor, and you start tiling your room using AR. Select tile products from your entire range – or if you have been invited, log in to access another company’s products – view products without travelling.


QuickView Estimate

DIY Measure & Quote. The app provides a multi-product visualisation experience that can include existing features in your physical showroom, recreate any space, and automatically generate an estimate.

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