QuickView CMS

Manage your ceramic tile and flooring product data for connected global sales and marketing activities all-in-one place.

Our cloud-based content management system (CMS/PIM) lets you upload product specifications, images, PDFs, and more – from there, you can also instantly publish products to connected channels. Invite individuals who need to see product information or provide public access to all products.

Connect Your Network
Manufacturers can invite distributors to review all their products and make a copy of a specific product or a series of products, meaning distributors don’t need to re-do work if the product is already in QuickView.

QuickView Product Library

One of the problems facing many industries is that product specifications, imagery and supporting files can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and information can become diluted and irrelevant, causing extra work for distributors and resellers.

Our public product library is a gateway to showcase all available products to all who seek to know more. Along with your company profile page, each product also has a page providing a series of backlinks. Each product page also has a helpful (lead generation) contact form in case visitors want more information.

Each product page displays a 3D render for desktop visitors and access to a WebAR experience for mobile visitors.

QuickView Tap-To-Tile App

Mobile applications can be expensive to create, and augmented reality apps are challenging to get the right balance of features and mobile device compatibility. We know because we’ve invested three years in creating a suitable augmented reality mobile app, which now connects to our QuickView CMS. When you load your products into the CMS, they will instantly be published to our tap-to-tile app.

Contact us for early access to our latest iOS App.

Download the app, log in, and select a brand you own, are connected to, or have been invited to access. Alternatively, skip the login and view all available ceramic tile or flooring products split into brands and product series – view categories of floor and wall, wall-only, and outdoor products.

Product Use Cases

During research and development of our solutions, we have discovered that almost every industry could benefit from better product visualisation. In almost all slow-moving consumer goods (SMCG) based businesses there is a customer who can not fully imagine what their selected product will look like once installed, or delivered and in use.

Our solution for minimising buyers remorse is to reduce misunderstandings through product visualisation and empowering your salespeople with the confidence – easily explain product features and benefits visually.

Carpets, Tiles & Vinyl

Being able to easily visualise what a customers floor and wall covering selections will look like in their home or commercial offices before installation is a problem that Actuality can easily solve.

Paint & Paper

Traditionally the model for customers to select new wall coverings is to choose paint colours from a swatch and then move to test pots before jumping to the big decision. Now customers can simply augment their colour selections in real time, virtually on their walls, anywhere.

Vanities, Showers & Tapware

Most SMCGs in the home finishing industry have varients, colourways, optional extras, finishes – with our solution these hard to imagine details become visual and easy to select, configure and understand.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom? With our multi-product visualiser, you can show your customers what your products look like on-site before providing your estimate.

Art & Accessories

On-trend styling is important for customer interaction in retail settings as much as it is in homes and commercial office environments. We can make selecting art and accessories easy, simply change the product set and start to see what the amazing artwork would look like on your walls.

Landscaping ... and more

What will your customer’s selected shrubs and trees look like in 10 years time? Utilising game engines and other virtual technology we can help you visually showcase the growth.

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